Marriage is a beautiful thing and that’s exactly how we want to keep it. With so much going on for your big day, it’s hard to find the time or much less plan for anything else. But getting married is a major life change with many important decisions that need to be made after saying “I Do”.

One thing that shouldn’t be put off is your financial security plan. Now that two have become one, it’s time to start merging those insurance policies to save you both money, but don’t get held up on the dollar sign savings, you still need to consider the following. Do you have enough coverage in the case of a claim? Are you getting all the discounts you and your new partner deserve? Are you planning ahead for the suture of your spouse and future children? Let us help!

Planning Checklist 

  • Insuring your engagement ring and wedding bands
  • Combining your auto insurance policies
  • Reviewing your current life insurance policies
  • Reviewing your current health and accident plans
  • Complete all name changing paperwork (Social Security Card, Drivers License, passports, banks, etc
  • Update beneficiaries: retirement accounts, 401k’s, life insurance, Roth IRA’s
  • Plan your home purchase and secure home insurance

My agency offers quality coverage and we’ve recently enhanced our discounts for engaged couples to save you money.

Get the right coverage for you. Ask if you qualify for the most discounts in insurance!

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