Life Insurance is set in place in order to make sure your beneficiary(s) are covered in the event of an untimely death or accident. Growing up we never understood the meaning of doing it for your children until it was our turn. Understanding that it’s our job to make sure our children are protected from harm has been our number one goal since the day they were born, but now its time to make sure they are protected financially as well.

Shopping for the right life insurance can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what to look for or what your ultimate goal is. That’s where we come in. We have trained professionals ready to take your call or meet with you face to face to discuss all your options. We cover all aspects and costs to expect should something happen to you or your loved one. Nobody wants to think about what to do in an event such as this, that’s why we make it our job and our worry to make sure you’re covered with any and all cost associated.

Term Life Insurance:

Among the most common type of life insurance offered and most likely the least expensive which leaves cash flow open for other investments or expenses. Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a set period of time and is a good choice for your temporary needs or if funds are limited. With Term Life Insurance you policy and premiums will remain the same for the duration of your term.

Term Life Insurance would be a great choice for debts that end such at mortgages, limited funds and certain debts.

Term Life Basics:

  • Affordable Coverage
  • Temporary coverage for your personal or business needs
  • Renewable or convertible to permanent coverage

Permanent Life Insurance:

Another type of insurance that’s offered actually allows the policy holder to accumulate a tax free cash value. That means that the cash accumulated can help pay your premiums in the future. You can borrow the cash value or if the policy is canceled, the cash value is sent to the policy owner. Permanent Life Insurance includes Whole Life and Universal Life. This can be useful when you want to cover a long-term need like income for a spouse, inheritance for child or children or end-of-life expenses.

For many people, a combination of Term & Permanent Life Insurance is the best solution.

Whole Life Basics:

  • Good for young adults just beginning an insurance plan
  • Good for families needing protection while saving for the future
  • Cash value of a Whole Life Policy accumulates at a guaranteed interest rate
  • Fixed Premium

Universal Life Basics:

  • Flexible coverage & benefits
  • Options for timing and method of premium payment
  • Tailors coverage to your personal needs

Life Insurance Proceeds can Help:

  • Replace your income
  • Pay medical bills and other final expenses.
  • Cover your mortgage, educational expenses or other bills

One of the most important services my agency can offer is a review of your individual situation and your life insurance needs. None of us like to think about our own mortality, but this is an important step when planning for the future. We get to know what your wants and needs so we can get the right coverage for you. Ask if you qualify for the most discounts in insurance!

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