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Andy Lindsey

Agency Producer

Andy has a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. He helps individuals, families, and small businesses secure their tomorrows. Andy is being mentored by Steven to be an agency owner.

He is an ambitious college graduate working toward owning his own agency. Andy is a welcome presence wherever he decides to hang his hat. Andy’s dream of becoming a firefighter was brought to its knees due to injury and a lengthy recovery.

When Andy was first recommended as an insurance salesman his initial thought was ‘Exactly how relevant or related would the fire academy be to selling insurance?’ Andy ran toward the opportunity having faith in his family’s advice and eventually met with Steven, took the position and found similar purpose. “I have always had a burning desire to help everyone around me. Saving the lives and property of the people in my community felt like my true calling but that door closed. Now I take great pride in saving livelihoods instead.” Insurance is complicated and confusing. You hear stories all the time about claim checks that are a fraction of what a family will need, or worse – offer no protection. It would be very difficult to trust that your insurance agent would run toward a fire and put their life on the line. On the other hand, I think it obvious you can put your trust in someone who did exactly that. Andy is very blessed to be learning from Steven, who was the Kansas Fire Agent of the year three years running – 2016, 2017, 2018. Next time you call 911 Andy won’t show up, but you can expect him to run toward the ashes with a check – and a check big enough to rebuild your life.