SignalSM by Farmers® helps tackle the problem of distracted driving:

It’s no secret that distracted driving puts you and your family at risk. Distracted driving takes the lives of over a thousand people each year and affects hundreds of thousands more. That’s why Farmers offers Signal: a new app that provides ongoing analysis and feedback on your driving patterns. It’s completely personalized, and can help you and your family understand where and when you’re distracted – detailing times you take your eye off the road and put them onto your phone. Take the first step towards helping protect you and your loved ones and earning a discount on your insurance by calling us today about a Farmers Insurance® auto policy and enrolling in Signal.

SignalSM by Farmers® gives you access to features that can help you learn how to drive more safely:

Household View:  Monitor and view distraction details, and understand how distracted driving from phone use impacts your family.

Trip Tracking: Personalized maps help you understand where you’re driving, your mileage, and total travel time. They also show events, such as harsh braking, excessive speeding, and distracted driving.

Digital Glovebox: Get reminders on upcoming vehicle service and recalls.

Plus a discount opportunity 

Once you enroll in SignalSM by Farmers® and complete 10 qualifying trips using the app, you will receive a 5% discount on your Farmers Insurance® auto policy*. At renewal, the SignalSM discount may increase or decrease based on the percentage of enrolled drivers on your auto policy using the app and their driving scores. Incorporating safer driving habits and ensuring that all enrolled drivers are active in the program may qualify you for a larger discount. Your discount could be as high as 15%. And, if you have a driver who is under the age of 25 using Signal on your policy, you could earn an additional discount up to 10%.

Save with Signal today!

Step 1: Get an auto quote from your Farmers agent (Steven) and ask to enroll in Signal.

Step 2: Download the app in a text link from your agent.

Step 3: Start driving and saving money today.

It’s that easy.


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