What Would Happened if your House went up in Flames???

Most people are worried about the destructive effects a fire could have on their home, and rightly so. However, most fires can be prevented by having some knowledge of the very things you have in your home.

Having at least one extinguisher in your home can greatly improve your chances of a fire not spreading and getting out of control. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use your fire extinguisher and become familiar with it so you can use it when when you need it.  Teach family members how to use it.

Some people already have a small type to keep under the sink in their kitchen in the case of grease fires, but you should also consider having a full-size product elsewhere. Keep it out of the way, but always know where it is, such as the garage or a closet. Also remember to call for help if the flames seem too big for you to handle, as most people can only extinguish small fires on their own.

Smoke can Cause a Lot of Damage too

Even if you never get burned in a fire, smoke can also cause breathing issues and even death. Be sure that you have smoke detectors throughout your home, and make sure they work. Those that use batteries should have them replaced annually, such as when daylight savings time begins or ends. If your detectors are hard-wired, be sure the light blinks at least occasionally, since this means they are on and working.

There are some items in your home that may cause a fire easily, and you need to be aware of them. For example, keep wood and newspapers stored away from a fireplace, and use a screen so that sparks do not jump out when it is in use.

The Best Ways to Prevent House Fires

Did you know live Christmas trees are often a cause of fires during the holiday season? Simply because people forget to water them. Being aware of this issue and remembering to water your tree can greatly reduce your chance of a fire.  

If you use a space heater, do not leave materials nearby that could easily catch on fire, such as newspapers or cloth, and do not use this product when you are out of the room. Even a clothes dryer can be a hazard when you leave it running for hours without being home, or when you do not clean the lint out of the lint trap.

Read the instruction manual for any products you have in the house that heat up and could cause a blaze. You should also know whether your smoke alarm is hard-wired or run by batteries. Some simple knowledge of the items in your house can keep it standing.

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