Protect Your Customers Private Information!

Cyber Liability & Security Data Breaches are a thing of the future and continue to make a rise in today’s technology driven world. That makes it even MORE important for business owners to not only have the proper security measures in place, such as an SSL certificate and encrypted data transfer, but the right insurance coverage in place as well.

The cost of a data breach can be catastrophic and a costly one at that which will. have a negative impact on your business or worse. There are Federal & State reporting obligations required by law and the dissemination of personal information as a result of the breach can also expose you to a third party liability.

Have the Right Coverage in Place

That’s where Steven Kohnle Agency comes in with Data Breach Expense Coverage. This coverage includes:

  • $50,000 aggregate annual limit
  • Third party liability coverage
  • Privacy breach response service which included customer notifications, forensic & legal assistance
  • Extended reporting period available
  • Free data security risk management service

It’s important to note that your business or organization may have specific needs and those needs may change over time. The Steven Kohnle Farmers Insurance Agency we can help protect you from the risk you face as a business owner and its never to late to start or review your current policy.

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