You’ve just bought yourself your first home, it’s time to start thinking about Homeowners Insurance. The right coverage for the right amount is our goal. We need to ensure your family and assets are protected in-case of emergency or claim.

We Offer a wide Variety or Home Insurance Policies:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Condominium or Town-Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Extended Replacement cost coverage
  • Replacement costs on contents coverage

Here’s a few Questions to Start Considering:

Do I need Flood Insurance?
Your household can flood in many different ways, trust us, we’ve seen it happen, but please note that a basic home insurance policy DOES NOT cover a flood. If you house or property is located within a flood zone, most insurance companies will require you to carry flood insurance.

What is an Umbrella Policy?
Umbrella Insurance supplements the liability coverage you already have with your auto and home policies, providing an extra layer of coverage.

Am I covered if my dog bites a neighbor?
Although a dog biting anyone should never be handled lightly, a dog’s bite is covered in your basic liability coverage. However, dogs that have a history of biting may be considered “vicious” and will be excluded from the coverage, or worse, be forced to be surrender to the city or state in which you live.

Should I take a video inventory or pictures of my belongings?
We all have a lot of stuff, and we continue to collect more and more over the years. Take pride in your belongings and take pride in the fact that you’ve worked hard to earn it all. You should ALWAYS take an inventory of your belongings in-case of an emergency and you need to file a claim. Make sure you store that .mp4 file in a safe place, print and store pictures of the bigger purchases, and keep calm knowing you and your family are in good hands.

When should I think about increasing my home insurance policy?
Whenever you change something significant about your home or property or its contents, such as an addition, a major remodel or starting a home business, contact your local insurance agent so we can review your current coverage and ensure you’re protected.

Should I consider getting a Home Warranty Plan?
A home warranty plan can help save your wallet or pocket book from costly home repairs and replacement of covered items such as heating, air conditioning, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more.

Homeowners Insurance Protects You in Cases of:

Dwelling Coverage protects the physical structure of your home, this includes but is not limited to roof, ceilings, garages, attached decks and more. Detached sheds and detached garages are not protected under dwelling coverage.

Personal Property Coverage protects the items within your home, your personal belongings such as furniture, personal possessions, and things of value. Personal property coverage is set in place to help cover the cost of these items in case of fire, tornado, flooding & more.

Family Liability Coverage helps cover you in the case that you or a family members is found legally responsible for a person’s injuries that were sustained while they were in your house or on your property. It also helps cover damage to their personal property during the duration of their stay.

Guest Medical Protection is included on most residential insurance policies. This helps cover the cost of medical bills in the event someone is injured while in your house or on your property.

Get the right coverage for you. Ask if you qualify for the most discounts in insurance!

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