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Farmers offers customizable business insurance that reflect the unique characteristics of your business.

Your Business Insurance Options Explained:

While your day to day operations may be complex, understanding business insurance doesn’t have to be. There are coverage options available for just about every aspect from employee injury to natural disaster. Certain insurance is required by law and she by business associates such as lenders or landlords. Obtaining the right type and amount of insurance for your business will help avoid gaps in coverage when you need it the most.

Restaurant Insurance: 

From food spoilage cause by equipment failure, to fire damage and onsite customer injuries, Restaurant Insurance can help protect the risk you take being a restaurant owner.

Coverage Provided for:

  • Employment Practice Liability – Coverage in cases of business discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination made by present, former, or future employees.
  • Property Insurance – Funds to repair or replace damaged physical assets from vandalism, fire, hail strike, windstorms and more
  • Liability Insurance – Protects against financial losses resulting from claims of injury or property damage cause by you or your employees
  • Business Crime Insurance – Protects against fraud, theft, forgery and robbery
  • Business Income Coverage – Helps cover expenses needed to keep your business operational after a loss while helping to replace lost revenue
  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach – Coverage for privacy breach response service and expenses incurred to notify parties affected by the security breach, including fees, call center costs, reimbursement costs and more

Tailor Your Coverage with these Additional Insurance Endorcements, Coverages & Policies

  • Life Insurance for Business Owners – Helps you plan for business succession, survive the loss of key employees and reward/retain your top employees.
  • Umbrella – Shields your business from potentially hazardous lawsuits with additional coverage.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Satisfy the medical needs of employees in the event of an accident or disease.
  • Business Auto Insurance – Ensures your business is protected losses from injury to other drivers, passengers & pedestrians for which you or an employee of yours is liable.
  • Equipment Breakdown – Pays for damage and loss of income caused by equipment which your business needs for production.
  • Ordinance or Law – Covers the cost to demolish or remove debris of undamaged parts of the building and the increased cost to repair, reconstruct or remodel damaged or undamaged parts of the building to comply with a building ordinance or law.
  • Food-Borne Illness -Pays for loss of income and extra expenses resulting from announcement by a public health authority or media of an actual or alleged discover of food borne illness.
  • Food Contamination Shutdown -Pays for the loss of income as the result of a shutdown ordered by the Board of Health or other government authority.
  • Tenants Improvement & Betterments -Provides coverage for fixtures, alterations, installations or additions that you made at your own expense as part of the building that cannot be legal removed.
  • Business Income from Dependent Properties -Provides coverage for the actual loss of Business Income due to the necessary suspension of operations.
  • Fine Arts – Pays for the loss of Fine Arts owned and used in your business.
  • Garagekeepers (Valets) – Provides coverage for physical damage or damages cause to a customer/clients vehicle while in your care, custody or control.

Food Contamination Shutdown:

Be prepared for lost business income and cleanup cost.

What would happen if food contamination cause your business to close up shop till further review? Shutdown coverage can help bridge that gap. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that each year 1 in 6 Americans are affected by food borne illness. Be sure to have the right coverage in place. Food Contamination Shutdown coverage can pay for the actual loss of business income that you sustain due to the suspension of your operations. The coverage can also pay for costs related to compliance with the Board of Health or other government authority requirements.

The Coverage Includes:

  • Necessary medical tests and vaccines for affected employees as required (primary to any other coverage) and reimbursement you paid to infected patrons for medical care, hospitalization and necessary blood work
  • Business Income (based on net income, operating expenses and reasonable advertising expenses incurred to restore your reputation)
  • Cost to clean your equipment
  • Cost to replace those consumable goods declared contaminated

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