Workers Compensation Payments:

An integrated payroll and Workers’ Compensation policy by Steven Kohnle Farmers Insurance Agency will be simple and cost-effective for your business or organization. This pay-as-you-go policy solution links your payroll directly to your workers compensation premium, taking the guesswork of estimating annual payrolls out. Premiums are billed based on. your actual payroll checks and is automatically reported by your payroll service provider and premium collected per pay period. This will improve your day to day cash flow and eliminate some of those larger balances audits due at the end of the policy. This also means no down payment when starting your Workers’ Compensation Policy.


  • Eliminate the initial down payment when purchasing the coverage
  • Premiums billed are based on your payroll
  • Minimizes final premium audit adjustments
  • Maximizes and stabilizes your business cash flow
  • Removes finance, billing or installment fees and monthly checks

Coverage Features:

Easy Return to Work Programs – Getting your employee back to work as early as medically possible can save tons of money in temporary disability payments and retraining costs.

Providing Educational Materials – We have the right materials to educate your employees and staff on safety programs that will help reduce the risk of injury on the job.

Preferred Provider Organization – This is Farmers extensive market of physicians, specialists and hospitals committed to providing excellent treatment while managing cost.

Utilization Management – Physicians and nurses that utilize the latest technology and computerized medical guidelines. They will review all treatment plans including the necessity of hospitalization or lengthy stays.

Bill Review – Every bill is reviewed to ensure expenses are being dispersed appropriately and correctly.

Claims Management – Farmers can quickly and efficiently deliver benefits at a fair cost and help reduce the risk of legal non-compliance or a lawsuit. As one of the more complicated faucets of workers compensation insurance, rest easy knowing we have your back.

Reduced Claim Expenses – Workers Compensation premiums and rates are based on claims experiences. Lowering your cost of claims and improving your loss experiences may reduce your net cost.

Coordinated Efforts – Management of car and a solid return to work plan can help strengthen relationships with employees and management which could ultimately result in less litigation. A smoother transition can greatly reduce cost and expenses and Farmers can help.

Farmers Care – Our medical and disability management program includes a list of preferred provider organization with occupational physicians, urgent care centers and hospitals, and treatment plans.

Hidden Costs of Workers Compensation

What about the hidden cost they don’t mention or talk about. These cost all need to be considered when talking about your coverage plan to make sure all points are covered.

  • Loss of production from injured employees
  • Loss of time by supervisors investigating the incident
  • Training cost replacement
  • Production loss
  • Economic Loss

It’s important to have certain measure in place in order to reduce the risk of injury on the job. Make sure your employees are up-to-date on all their safety regulations and requirements.

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