Starting your own business can be a scary thing. Writing up a business plan, securing the loan, business location, hiring employees, it can all be overwhelming. On top of that, Business Insurance added to the list of necessary items to purchase. Common types of insurance include commercial property, general liability, business income and equipment breakdown which can be combined into one single low cost payment each month. We specialize in obtaining the right business insurance required by the state of Kansas and Missouri.

Farmers Insurance Provides Convenient Solutions to Ensure your Business has the Protection it Needs.

Business Income is set in place to cover lost income the business may have been producing in the instance that the business itself has been interrupted to to a natural disaster or damage.

Commercial Property Insurance protects your business against damages to the structure itself regardless of if its a home office or commercial building. This coverage usually included anything associated with the physical structure itself, such as a sign, office front, vehicle, and more. Loss of business income dues to necessary suspension of your operations during the time it takes to restore your company back to operational.

Crime protects you in the instance of employee dishonesty, money & securities, forgery/altercations & counterfeit currency.

Workers Compensation is set in place to provide medical coverage and or disability benefits to employees as a result or employment related injuries on the job or premises.

Business Auto covers the different types of auto you may need to run your business, from vans to trucks and more in between.

Equipment Breakdown is set in place to cover the cost of equipment failure or breakdown. Loosing income due to equipment failure can really halt production and our goal is to keep your company operating smoothly and efficiently. Equipment coverage usually covers all types of equipment such as computers, mechanical, HVAC, Communications equipment and more.

General Liability Insurance protects your insurance in the instance of injury and any costs that may be associated with such as investigations, medical expenses for the injured party, legal fee’s, investigations and more.

Additional Business Coverages

Cyber Liability & Data Breach Expenses – Third Party Liability Coverage for information security, private breach response, and regulatory defense/penalties.

Employment Practice Liability – Covers allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, or inappropriate conduct within the workplace.

Bailee – Covers damages or loss to property handled within your care.

Computer & Data – Covers damaged or loss of electronic data processing equipment.

Ordinance or Law – (Included 3 separate coverages)
– Loss in value of the undamaged portions of the building due to demolition by ordinance of city law.
– Covers cost of demolition and removal of debris of the undamaged portion of the building
– Covers the cost to rebuild or repair damaged or undamaged portions of the building to comply with city ordinance.

Spoilage – Covers damage t your personal property (food) due to refrigerating equipment failure.

Valuable Papers & Records – Covers loss or damage to valuable papers/documents/records caused by a covered cause of loss.

Host Liquor Liability – Covers the amount you are legally obligated to pay as damages due to the selling, or over serving.

Medical Expenses – Covers Reasonable medical expenses to those other than owners, operators, or employees due to injury while on the premises.

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